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Customer Testimonials

"The best!  After the first session, I felt more relaxed.  And amazingly, my lower back did not hurt at all.  I experienced at least 55% less pain in my knee and hip (major problem areas)."

- S.  Seawright


June 2016

"I had one session with Adrienne and the next morning I woke up feeling amazing. I felt at least 10 years younger. I can hardly wait until my next session. Thank God for Adrienne!!!!"

- C. Marsh

December 2015

"Adrienne is a wonderful healer! Although I need to continue going to be balanced, I felt great after my first session - my tight muscles were looser and I was deeply relaxed. I can't wait to go back!"

- Jen L.

October 2015

"I’ve had two sessions with Adrienne. Each session has proved to be a very relaxing experience. I can’t wait until my next session. You have to experience Reiki with Adrienne!"

- Q. Smith

August 2015

"Best night of sleep that I have experienced in 2 years after just one session with Reiki by Adrienne. I left feeling so relaxed and at peace. I cannot wait to go again! I HIGHLY recommend Reiki By Adrienne."

- L.Weise

July 2015

"Reiki had me feeling great after I left, it was an amazing feeling that words cannot describe. Adrienne most certainly touched on areas I need to approve on. I felt very relaxed afterwards and will be coming back!"

- A. Singletary

April 2015

"I highly recommend Reiki by Adrienne for anyone who needs a healing, relaxation and wellness.  On my first visit, my pain level from Shingles was at a 7 or 8 out of 10.  Upon completion of the procedure by Adrienne, my pain level was at a 3.  Please give Reiki a try and I promise you will be highly satisfied."

- B. Henry

Military Retired

January 2015

"I have been suffering with pain in my tailbone for almost two years and I also have a pretty serious case of plantar's fasciitis.  Following my session with Adrienne I was able to put weight on my heel and not have to hop.  Additionally, I could feel the tightness in my tailbone area loosen.  I'm a believer."

- S. Craig

January 2015

"I have had a couple of Reiki sessions with Adrienne. I was suffering with HBP, Insomnia and loss of appetite. My sleep pattern is much better and I got my appetite back. Reiki was a very different experience, very relaxing and I feel so much better. After several sleepless nights, I was desperate. Thanks Adrienne, my life is getting back to normal."

- V. May

November 2014

"I had my first session ever with Adrienne. I'm normally stiff, but when I got up earlier than normal this morning. That's when I put my feet on the floor and I wasn't stiff, I got up quicker, I wasn't tired, my eyes were more focused, Amazingly, I slept thru the entire night. My energy is totally better than before. I wasn't expecting to feel any different but it worked for me. Thanks Adrienne for your help and inspiration."

- D. Ingram

September 2014

"I experienced a session with Adrienne.  The end result expanded my creative abilities visually and intuitively."

- Minister P. Little

Kemij Publishing, LLC

August 2014

"My first session with Adrienne resulted in tremendous relaxation and alleviation of soreness in my lower back and legs.  I must admit, this was far beyond my initial expectation."

- C. Rowe

GW Neurological Institute

July 2014

"I've had several reiki sessions with Adrienne for chronic back pain and her hands are magical."

- O. Hunter

"Adrienne provides the best Reiki and healing services in all of the DMV! Not only that she has great intuition and professed wonderful news for me for the new year that has already come true! thanks a lot Adrienne!"

- A. Pippin-Lamont

"I look forward to each and every Reiki session with Adrienne."

- C. Brevard, Personal Trainer

"Adrienne Freeland I just want you to know that since our session on Thursday, I have had the best sleep in months!!!!!"

- H. Peoples

"If you haven't had a Reiki session with Adrienne Freeland you're missing out!!! Can't wait for my next appointment! Thanks Adrienne."

- V. Young Zumba Instructor