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Case Study -  Client (M. Campbell) with a Kidney Stone and Her experience with Reiki

Client: - Reiki by Adrienne - I was diagnosed (at the Emergency Room) on Sat., Aug. 9, 2014 with a kidney stone. For anyone who has ever had kidney stones, you know it is painful to say the least.

At approximately 3pm Sun., Aug. 10, 2014, for about an hour, Adrienne performed Reiki on me and amazingly my pain on the left side started to move. I was told by the doctor that with kidney stones, where there is pain, there is movement. Movement is a good thing because you want to pass that stone! Prior to Adrienne coming over, I was slightly bent over, with a dull ache, as a reminder of the pain I was about to truly feel. She started the treatment on my left side and immediately, I felt the radiation of heat and pain! I could actually feel the pain move (kidney stone moving). As the pain intensified, I would ask for a timeout, but I needed to know how this could help me and the sooner I could pass this kidney stone, the better.

Adrienne: When my client met me at the door, she was slightly bend over and walking very slow as if she was in pain. She informed me, prior to start Reiki on her, that she was experiencing a dull pain in her side and back. Please note, Reiki does not cause pain. However, it seemed as if Reiki was ‘causing’ the kidney stone to move from my client’s lower back to her lower pelvic area. My client agreed that it would be better to use Reiki to get the stone to move – the faster she could get the kidney stone to move, the sooner she would pass the stone. And from what I’m told, there’s no getting around the pain when a kidney stone moves.

Client: She (Adrienne) moved to the bottom of my feet and I could again feel this heat moving up my legs along with a vibration on the bottom of my feet. The pain was still moving. At one point, I began to tear up because it (the pain) was so intense. During the course of the Reiki treatment, I took my prescribed pain medication thinking it would just put me in a better state of relaxation and I would fall asleep.

Adrienne: Areas on the feet represents organs within the body. I felt it would be less intense if I used Reiki on her feet versus applying Reiki directly to the area that was feeling pain. I did not want my client to experience any pain, so I recommended she take the pain medication while I work on her feet.

Client: Strangely enough, I became more alert and I believe it was because of the Reiki treatment. I never fell asleep and I felt more alert. My posture straightened, and I was rather upbeat. What I didn't mention was that the medication was Percocet and I took two pills!! It has now been over two hours. Yesterday, after taking two Percocet, I was in a coma!

Adrienne: After an hour of working on my client in 5 minute intervals, her pain went away completely. I was amazed that my client was wide awake, moving freely, and energetic as if she never took the pain medicine. I called my client 5 hours after applying Reiki on her and discovered that she still was awake, alert, experiencing no pain and had cooked dinner.

Client: Adrienne also performed Reiki on the back of my neck and the heat that went down my spine and relaxed my back - WOW! It was determined that I probably need a full session, but today it’s all about the kidney stone.

Adrienne: I followed up with my client on Monday morning. She said that she was only experiencing a mild cramp. Her kidney stone had not passed yet, but she’s no longer in pain. My client is scheduled to see her primary physician in a few days. In the meantime, my client will let me know if she wants me to make another house call and assist with ‘moving’ her kidney stone.