REIKI          BY       ADRIENNE   

      Reiki - Promoting Healing, Relaxation and Wellness  

How Reiki Can Benefits Athletes


  1. Improved Performance - Recovery time for the athlete is greatly reduced as Reiki boosts the immune system.  Deep healing and a sense of peace is experienced by the Athlete.  With consistent Reiki treatment, recovery occurs more easily, physical blockages shift more quickly and the athlete's talents flourish.


  2. Mental and Emotional Stress – Athletes work tirelessly to be the absolute best and to exceed the expectations of teammates, coaches and themselves, their harshest critics.  There is enormous pressure to win.  It is a challenge to be mentally and emotionally resilient during unpredictable cycles of wins, losses, injuries, and fatigue.  Reiki improves the athlete’s resilience and mental focus to reach new heights physical performance.

3.    Travel Stress - When there are tight schedules to stick to, it can be difficult for the Athlete to maintain healthy routines.  Many athletes find that they have trouble getting enough good sleep while on the road.  Reiki reduces insomnia and deepens sleep providing the alertness and energy needed by the Athlete.


 4.    Post-workout Recovery - Vigorous training is crucial for athletic performance, but it can take a toll on the body.  Reiki helps the athlete's body recover faster on a cellular level and resist injury more effectively during vigorous training.


5.     Reiki relieves muscle soreness and stiffness. 


6.     Reiki can help prevent severe injury


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