REIKI          BY       ADRIENNE   

      Reiki - Promoting Healing, Relaxation and Wellness  


Reiki  is one of the most relaxing and effective healing practice you can experience.  Reiki  is a natural stress reduction and relaxation treatment that supports the body’s return to health by quieting the mind, balancing emotions and reducing tension, anxiety and physical pain. 

Practiced for almost 100 years, discover how Reiki Japan’s alternative practice, can benefit you. Make an appointment and see how Reiki  can be the solution you have been searching for - renewed energy and balance can be yours today.

Primary Services Include:

Injury & Pain Management:
Multiple and Consecutive Sessions Recommended for Best Results:  

Special Services Available: 
Hospital Visits  -  Health Fairs  
- Spa Parties

Stress Reduction & Sleep Improvement: 
Multiple and Consecutive Sessions Recommended for Best Results

- Corporate Contracts 
- Senior Communities

Wellness & Performance Improvement:
Bi-weekly or Monthly Wellness Sessions
Customized Schedules for Athletic Improvement
-Athletic Events & Games

Visit often to learn more or call at 301-825-8206.


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